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The following general terms of transportation are available at all ticket desks, Moby S.p.A. company offices, Moby Lines Europe GmbH and travel agencies. The term “passenger” designates any person transported in accordance with the present general terms of passenger and vehicle transportation. The passenger is asked to observe the transport company’s and the ship commander’s Italian and foreign regulations and orders (both those of the contractual transport company and the transport company actually carrying out the transport).

The term “transport company” and/or “carrier” refers to the company Moby S.p.A. with registered office in Largo Augusto 8, 20122 Milano, Italy or to the company carrying out the transport. Moby S.p.A. expressly reserves the right to assign the transportation job to other ships belonging to our company or to other western European shipping companies, even after the signing of the contract. If the contractual company does not carry out the transport, the company carrying out the transport assumes responsibility for the transportation pursuant to article 1681 cod. civ. [Italian Civil Code] and the European regulation CE/392/2009. Therefore, the passenger also has the right to proceed against the latter.

Further, in case of complaints concerning the contractual company or the company carrying out the transport, the passenger may contact Moby S.p.A. Complaints will not be taken into account if Moby S.p.A. Milano or Moby Lines Europe, Wiesbaden has not received it within 30 days after the date of departure (by ship).


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