Free wi-fi on the large ferries of the Moby fleet

Now free wi-fi on the ships MOBY LEGACY, MOBY FANTASY, MOBY AKI and MOBY WONDER

With Moby, Wi-fi is free!

Always being connected is now a necessity.
That's why on the blue whale ships MOBY LEGACY, MOBY FANTASY , MOBY AKI e MOBY WONDER
free wi-fi arrives, allowing you to surf the Internet, receive e-mails and chat with friends and family.

Connect to the ship's wi-fi network or scan the qr code on the onboard posters from your device, register and you're done!

Surf for free... Moby ships are getting smarter!

The free wi-fi service is provided through satellite connections and is subject to availability, limitations and weather conditions. Any interference may cause slowdowns in response times.