Offer available for Women's Day

100% discount on the price of the woman's deck passage

Women's day offer

Celebrate Women together with MOBY and Tirrenia!

All of our destinations are female: the beautiful island of Sardinia, the wild island of Corsica, the sunny island of Sicily and the magical island of Elba.
From 03/03/2021 to 08/03/2021, book a ticket with a 100% discount on the price of a woman's deck passage.

Which island do you choose?

How do I get the discount?

Please check the availability of the offer in the departure calendar by clicking on the "Women's Day Offer" on the left. The discount is applied automatically.



  • The discount is automatically applied to the price of the deck passage for an adult woman per ticket; Taxes, surcharges and other costs must be paid.
  • To receive the discount, it is necessary that at least one paying adult or child (between 4 and 11 years old) is included in the booking in addition to the woman and is present during the trip.
  • The booking must be made from 03.03.2021 to 08.03.2021, for the destinations MOBY (except Santa Teresa-Bonifacio-Santa Teresa) or TIRRENIA (except Tremiti) for departures from 03.03.2021 to 21.10. 2021 for Sardinia and Sicily, from 03.03.2021 to 20.09.2021 for Corsica and from 03.03.2021 to 31.12.2021 for Elba, subject to availability of places on the days scheduled for the promotion. Available for most departures (also for some departures in August);
  • The discount is only granted when booking tickets for MOBY or Tirrenia.
  • The offer is only applicable to tickets issued by name.
  • The discount is applied to a new ticket, not to a amendment.
  • The offer is not applicable retrospectively.
  • If the paying passenger is canceled, the discount for women also automatically lapses and the current daily tariff must be paid.
  • If the ticket is canceled or amended, the discount automatically expires.
  • The discount can be combined with all special offers from MOBY and Tirrenia and the vouchers 2020/2021, but not with offers from other organizers, as well as group tariffs and special agreements.
  • For Elba tickets, the offer cannot be purchased directly at the port.
  • Only tickets for the destinations Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily are amendable.
    No changing fees are charged for amendments of departure date, time, route and ticket holder, only possible price differences are to pay. For the island of Elba, on the other hand, the ticket cannot be amended (not even a name change);
  • If the ticket is canceled, 100% cancellation fees apply to all categories included.
  • Should employees find irregularities in the reservation or incorrect information on the ticket when checking in, the discounted ticket will be canceled and a new ticket at the current daily tariff must be purchased.



* For bookings made from 22/02/2021 to 15/03/2021 for departures with Moby and Tirrenia to Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica (Tremiti, Elba and Santa Teresa-Bonifacio-Santa Teresa excluded), no changing fees will be charged in case of amendment, only possible price differences are to pay. Not applicable retroactively.

** Discount is applied to the deck passage price for one adult female per ticket. Taxes, surcharges and other charges must be paid. To qualify for the discount, at least one other paying adult or child must be included in the booking and present on the voyage. Valid for bookings made from 03/03/2021 to 08/03/2021 for departures MOBY (except Bonifacio-S.Teresa di Gallura-Bonifacio) and for departures Tirrenia (except Tremiti) from 03/03/2021 to 21/10/2021 for Sardinia and Sicily, from 03/03/2021 to 20/09/2021 for Corsica and from 03/03/2021 to 31/12/2021 for Elba, subject to availability of spaces on the days scheduled for the offer.