100% discount on the price of the deck passage for one adult person

Discover the great Valentine's Day offer for departures to Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily

There are so many ideas for the best Valentine's Day gift ever!
A crossing on a ferry from Moby and Tirrenia to a dream island could be the best surprise.

MOBY and Tirrenia's offer for Valentine's Day becomes even more attractive! You still have time until February 17, 2020 to get a 100% discount on the price of the deck passage for one adult person.

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  • The Flash offer Valentine's Day replaces the offer for Valentine's Day 2020 (VALE40);
  • The discount will be applied automatically on the fare of an adult passenger deck passage per ticket, excluded taxes, surcharges and other costs;
  • To obtain the discount, at least one paying adult must be booked at the same time;
  • The reservation must be made from 14 February 2020 to 17 February 2020, for MOBY destinations (excluding Elba and Santa Teresa-Bonifacio and vv) TIRRENIA (excluding Tremiti) in the period from 14/02/2020 to 31/12/2020 subject to availability of spaces reserved for the discount, on the dates on which it is scheduled;
  • The discount will be granted only on the purchase of MOBY or TIRRENIA tickets;
  • The discount can only be used on named tickets;
  • The discount will only be applied to obtain a reduction on a new ticket, not on a modification;
  • The offer is not retroactive;
  • If the paid adult cancels, the discount will also automatically lapse. The fare available at the time of the change will then be applied;
  • On the Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily routes, the tariffs are changeable for a certain fee. For each modification (also for names) we will charge you € 10,00 for Corsica routes and € 25,00 for Sardinia and Sicily routes, plus the possible difference between the former price and a necessary higher price. The ticket price does not change if due to a modification the price of the new booking is lower than the originally reserved trip, i.e. the original value of the booking is charged;
  • In the event of cancellation, 100% cancellation fees will apply. This applies automatically to all other passengers in the same booking;
  • If the ticket is cancelled or modified, the discount will automatically be cancelled;
  • The discount can be combined with all MOBY or Tirrenia special offers, but not with other tickets, vouchers, reductions codes or initiatives/offers proposed by other operators;
  • If the assistance staff at the ports should find any anomalies in the booking, compared to what was present at boarding, the discounted ticket will be cancelled and it will be necessary to purchase a new full fare ticket;
  • The discount can be combined with all MOBY or Tirrenia special offers, but not with other tickets, vouchers or vouchers issued for other initiatives or with offers proposed by other operators.

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