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We will answer your questions so that you can travel safely and carefree.


How long will it take to implement the new restrictions?
The embarkation time has not changed, but we recommend that you arrive at the port well in advance for embarkation.

Will the public areas of the ship be disinfected?
The cleaning of the restaurant/rest areas (bar, self-service, sleeping chairs...) has been supplemented by daily disinfection with certified disinfectants.

How is the embarkation and disembarkation of cars and passengers handled?
The on-board staff will take care to maintain a safe distance between passengers to avoid crowding, and mobility on board will be regulated by special signs.

Can the outside decks of the ship be used?
Of course the outside decks of the ship are accessible. It is necessary to observe all safety measures such as keeping the minimum distance and the use of mouth/nose protection. Here you will find all information about safety on board.

Will it be possible to use the lifts?
You will be able to use the lifts and there will be controls by our on-board staff who will take care to avoid any kind of crowding.

Is the face mask also obligatorily on the outside decks and in the sleeping chair area?
The mask must be used during the entire duration of the crossing.

What if I have a fever of 37?
Anyone who has a temperature of minimum 37.5 degrees Celsius is not allowed for embarkation, but must notify the relevant health authorities.

Is it possible to move freely on the ship?
It is possible to enter the ship on foot, following the designated routes and observing all safety measures.

Who ensures that the minimum distance on board is observed?
The on-board staff, together with the new figure of the Care Manager, will guarantee the observance of safety measures and the minimum distance on board.

What public areas of the ship are available to passengers?
On board, services such as self-service and bar, seats in the lounge and on the outside decks of the ship are available. The cinema and children's play area are currently closed.

Is it still possible to book a deck passage? How do you organise the trip?
It is possible to book a deck passage without a cabin or reclining chairs; the on-board staff and the Care Manager will ensure that the minimum distance between passengers on board the ship is observed.

When do we have to leave the cabin?
In principle, cabins must be left one hour before your scheduled arrival in port. Please ask the cabin staff if it is possible to use the cabin for a longer period of time on your crossing.

Is it safe to use the air conditioning in the cabin?
Yes, the ventilation/air conditioning systems work in such a way that 100% air renewal is guaranteed.

Are the cabins disinfected?
The cabins are sanitised after each use and the allocation of the guests is done in numerical rotation to make them easier to clean.

Is it obligatory to book a cabin in this situation?
You can travel with deck passage or you book a cabin. From this year on you may also have lunch and dinner in the cabin. Read all the information.

Info graphics concerning the precautions on board our ships

Kunt u het antwoord dat u zocht niet vinden?
Als u niet vindt wat u zoekt kunt u direct contact opnemen met de assistentie

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