Procedures on board the ferries of the Onorato Armatori fleet

In accordance with the containment measures adopted by the Italian government in view of the risk of infection by Covid19, our company, considering the provisions of the government,

Joint Regulatory Protocol to control the spread of Covid - 19 in the passenger transport sector - Phase 2 - May 2020;

has introduced a series of measures and procedures to protect the health of the crew and passengers carried. These measures will be implemented through a series of targeted activities and the provision of PPE material distributed on board the ships.

Hygiene comes first


Preventive and protective measures to control the spread of Covid19 infection are based on specific provisions adopted by the competent institutions in accordance with the evolution of the epidemiological situation.

For this reason, new professional spray equipment is used to disinfect our vessels: the portable electrostatic professional spray device Cordless and the electrostatic backpack spray.

The disinfectant contained is suitable for cleaning furniture, handles, doors, equipment and surfaces in public areas and community facilities in general.

Embarkation – Disembarkation - Stay of passengers on board

  • As soon as the passengers go on board and during the entire crossing, a mouth and nose protector must be worn.
  • Restriction of contact between passengers and crew, observing the minimum distance required.
  • Maintaining a safe distance of 1 meter between passengers during embarkation and disembarkation as well as in public areas, corridors, elevators, escalators and garage spaces. Distance parameter " Droplet " minimum 1 meter.
  • Maintaining a safety distance of 1 meter between guests on board by limiting the maximum number of people allowed access to catering and other areas such as sleeping chair area, bars, etc.  Distance parameter " Droplet " minimum 1 meter
  • Restaurants: Passengers form a row while keeping a safety distance of 1 (one) meter. Access is controlled by the on-board staff. Opposite seats are not allocated.
  • Reclining chair area subject to charge: Limited access is controlled by allocation by the on-board staff and in the ratio of capacity/safety distance.
  • Opening of the swimming pool with limited access in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Closure of the children's play area.
  • Closure of the on-board cinema.
  • Control of the use of lifts to avoid accumulation of people inside.
  • The ministerial information will be displayed in the ship's areas. (10 basic rules);
  • Special signs will be placed in garages, reception and public places, indicating rules of conduct and health safety regulations.
  • Information on the rules of conduct by announcements on the ship.
  • The competent personnel must maintain a safe distance in the access areas to the garages.
  • Columns with disinfectant dispensers (2 or more per vessel) are available to guests at the reception of the vessel (passenger entrance) and near the bar/self-service restaurant;
  • Plexiglas screens in self-service restaurants/bars along the counter and at the cash desks;
  • Installation of a plexiglass screen at the reception desk for cabin key distribution;
  • Daily disinfection of the cabin magnetic cards.
  • Restriction/regulation of mobility on board by means of defined routes.
  • Regulation of access to public toilets.
  • Allocation of cabins to passengers according to numerical rotation to improve cleaning and disinfection the day after use.
  • Ventilation/air conditioning systems run in such a way that the air in the ship’s areas is 100% renewed.
  • Extraction systems configured to discharge 100% of the air present in the ship’s areas directly to the outside.
  • Intensification of cleaning operations with daily disinfection of the ship's areas with disinfectants certified as medical/clinical equipment and/or alcohol and chlorine-based products.

Actions for the on-board crew

Measurement of the body temperature of all employees every morning before the start of the shift, (temperature not higher than 37.5) and recording of symptoms to be reported in a special register for the traceability of control measures (the register is kept by the ship's command and the data is deleted at the end of the month and in any case at the end of the COVID-19 - emergency in order to comply with the data protection guidelines).

  • Provision of face masks;
  • provision of disposable gloves;
  • Limited access to common areas, canteens, recreational and leisure areas, workplaces including PC workstations, ensuring continuous ventilation of the rooms, shortening of the time spent in them and maintaining a safe distance between persons; distance parameter "DROPLET" (droplets), canteens with seats never facing each other.
  • Intensification of cleaning measures with daily disinfection of the ship's areas with disinfectants certified as medical-clinical equipment and/or products based on alcohol and chlorine;
  • disinfectant dispensers.

Transport for Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily

Anyone arriving in Sardinia must register on the region's website using this form.

All passengers travelling to Corsica must fill in a self-attestation declaring the absence of symptoms of COVID-19.
Additionally and by order of the Italian Ministry of Health, passengers departing from Bastia in the direction of Genoa must fill in this registration form and hand it in at the reception of the ship, where it will be kept for 14 days.

Those who travel to Sicily can download the app "Sicilia SiCura", which was developed to manage tourism during phase 3 of the fight against Covid-19. The registration is voluntary.

Accessibility of external suppliers

Procedure access-transit-exit within predetermined time frame

Restriction of contact with third party suppliers.

Personnel responsible for receiving and/or storing goods must maintain a safety distance of at least two meters and wear face protection and disposable gloves. (food delivery and cabin staff for the delivery of linen).

In accordance with their operating procedures, the third-party companies declare to measure the body temperature of their personnel before the start of the work shift and to provide disposable masks and gloves, disposable overalls, coats and glasses. They have also ensured that all preventive measures have been taken and implemented, both for external service providers and for activities within their companies.

Laundries, in particular, have introduced washing cycles in full compliance with technical standards, aimed at ensuring a high level of hygiene and consistent elimination of contamination using certified detergents and disinfectants with high performance and bactericidal, virucide and fungicidal action. These products guarantee perfect hygiene of the laundry during the washing process, followed by thermal treatment with temperatures between 180° and 200° C and bio-contamination control at every step of the washing process.

Cycles that affect all phases of the process: from the collection of the dirty items to the delivery of the textiles.

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